Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello to all ! 
Here is our interview session with ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS. They from Kulai, Johor(southern part of peninsular Malaysia) and answered by ENOL(vox).

1. Hello guys. How are you? Hope you guys doing well. First of all can you guys tell us what are you guys working on now? Have any new studio recording session? What is the Alchemy Of Sickness current   release?
Hello Hazree, I’m Enol answering the entire question. As for right now, we are planning on recording for our next release which is a 7” EP (hopefully!), split 7” with Violent Gorge (still looking for 2 more label to co-release this stuff) and split CD with World Downfall from Japan. Our recent release is a 4 way split tape with Camphora Monobromata, Maximum Thrash, and Slaugthergrave. And maybe next week I will release split tape with Arroyo if there are free time and enough money.
2. Can you guys tell us about the AOS band biography, what is inspired you? What the reason that AOS was formed? And why choose to play grindcore? Who’s the current line up now?
There is no interesting story behind the formation of Alchemy Of Sickness. It is just 4 teenagers want to play fast and heavy music. Local punk/hardcore/grind always is the main influence for us in the formation of this band and we want to be involved in this colourful scene and to some extent contribute to the scene. We contribute by spreading our music and consistently releasing stuff. I don’t know why we choose Grindcore, at first we just want to play fast music but gradually after some years being together in one band it turns out to what we are today. We are categorizing our music as grind but we don’t mind if other people said that we are not grindcore. As long as we play what we like it doesn’t matter. Our line up is still the same since our formation in 2006, which is Kamen (drum), Wan (guitar), Daus (bass) and me as vocal. Hopefully we will last with this line up till we are tired with grind..hehe..

3. How about the grindcore scene at your place? Can share other grindcore bands from your place? What is the happening scene at your place right now?
Our place? Kulai or Johor Bahru. As for right now there are not many band that play grindcore in JB. I know Damokis and Sickness are still active and other band is like Eyes Popping Out and Tussock (they are getting back together after long time hiatus and release some new stuff). Other than that, I’m not really know what’s going on here. Sorry. There is also some local kids who play Metalcore and actively playing gigs.

4. Do other AOS line up play with other bands or doing label and distro or fanzine? If got please tell us about that.
Yes, our drummer and bassist is playing with a punk rock band called Bacteriostatic do check them out. Me and wan are running a label called Operation Noise which focusing on releasing Alchemy Of Sickness stuff and doing some trade with local and foreign label.

5. Is it has shows every week at your place? Is it hard to organize small gig at your place? How about the authority? Is it they always disturb the small gig? And what is your personal view about the authority?
Ok, actually we have play one gig in Kulai, it is organize by local kids at Jamming Studios. The event is for the closing of the studio because the owner cannot maintain the financial for running the studio. After our set, there are people who come upstairs and complain for the loud noise and gig ended after that and there are still band who didn’t play yet. So, from this event I can say that local people are still having a conservative mind especially older people. But recently there are show organizes by Damokis guy and it is held in shopping complex and all band play in the open with various genres. But we are not really into this shopping mall show and I also heard those bands that want to play must contribute some money for the management process. But I am not sure.

6. Can you guys suggest more bands from your place to everyone here (not grindcore only)? So they can explore more about them.
I do not know a lot of band. I know Bacteriostatic (punk rock), Chandeliers Ablaze (metalcore), Gaban Seven (also metalcore).

7. AOS already made many of releases so far. How is the feedback from your local scene? Do you spread your stuff to u.s and europe? How the responses you get? What do you think about Malaysia grindcore scene?
Feedback from local scene is positive even though we playing like bullshit but there are still people who supporting us. Cheers to you guys. Yes, we do have some trade activities with label from Europe and feedback from them also positive. 

8. What do you think about the bands with no lyrics but just only have the song title only (mostly grindcore band)? Is it the lyrics is important to you? Is it with the song title only the message also can deliver to the listener? And what do you think about the people who think grindcore is rubbish? And what is the grindcore means to you?
Yes, lyrics are important. Especially when you release your stuff, there are some people who really need to know what you guys are screaming and babbling about. Lyrics make the title of the song clear and make sense or not. For me I also check out for lyrics for every stuff that I bought, if there is lyrics, it’s a bonus because you can sing along with them..hehe..Maybe people who think grindcore is rubbish because they are not into this type of music, just let them be that way. I believe that each people have their own perspective in describing and defining thing. To me grindcore is passion not fashion.

9. I has watched AOS live performance about 3 times before, you guys is very tight! You have very energetic voice too. So do you guys planning to make any tour soon? Is it live performance is important for band? And why?
Thank you Hazree, we glad that you like it. We just want to give our best while performing even though in front of us there are only 3 or 4 people only and it is happen before. We always plan for a tour, but money and time always be a problem and barrier that hinder our plan. Hopefully we can do some touring in the future, because touring is so much fun. 

10. Can you give the full AOS discography so far? What is your personal AOS favorite released so far? Why?
"Demo 2006" (Penjahanam Distribution)
"We Know Alchemy We Bring You Grind & Roll" EP - Tape (Broken Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Cannibe - Tape (Bringer of Gore & Re-release by Strain Eyes)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Kepalan Tangan - Cd-R (Selonsong Peluru)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Sugardaddy & Shotgun Justice - Cd-R (?)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Sengaya - Tape (Revulsion & Operation Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Vex - Tape (Strain Eyes)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Proletar - Tape (Disco 346 & Operation Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Grin(d)amage/Rotgut - Tape (Operation Noise & Bebal)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Slaughtergrave/Camphora Monobromata/Maximum Thrash - Tape (Operation Noise)
DIY noize compilation - Pt1 (IGWC records)
Compilation Contribution Part 3(Teriak Rekod)
100 Bands 7" Vol 1 (NHDIYSTREC)
United & Grinding "Underground Grindcore Compilation" (Grind Ambush)
Music Is Our Weapon "compilation" - Tape (Fastdie & Sukma)
We love all our release..haha

11. any last word to the reader?
Keep on doing what like and don’t give a shit to what others said. Grind attitude till dead.

Monday, 10 December 2012

SATAN / GRINDING split cd-r is out now !!

Hello and grindgreeting!
This month is very busy for us because we got many of new releases.
This time we have new split release featuring band from colombia and france.The new split release is between SATAN(fra grindcore/raw blackcrust)/GRINDING(colombia grindcore).
SATAN play grindcore with mixed with a blackcrust. They have put out split release in 7' format before with SETE STAR SEPT, WHORENATION, and 4 way split with  Lt.DAN, VIOLENT GORGE, PIZZA HI-FIVE. In this new split they produced 3 tracks in raw and very dark with crazy blastbeat! Including 2 cover songs from BONE AWL & NON.very chaotic raw blasting by this french side! Mika of SATAN also WITCH BUKKAKE RECORDS owner.
GRINDING colombia based band. they play very heavy grind/metal in this new split. their music style is changing a lot since they has recruited the new line up. But they still gave their best for this split. GRINDING already has released their debut demo and split release with NAUSER(indonesia),BALANO SUCIO(chile).In this new split they produced 3 tracks with heavy riffs! good stuff for sure!
This split is the co-operated reelased by 3 labels FASTDIE RECORDS(mal), GRINDFATHER PRODUCTION(u.k) & WITCH BUKKAKE(france)

Price: MYR5 by hand
*by post MYR8(register post for malaysia order only)
**for international order please contact with us for the postage rate.

Friday, 7 December 2012

TUCO / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split tape is out now !

Hello guys!
Our new release is officially out now!
this new release is split between TUCO/SHITNOISE BASTARDS.
TUCO(italy noisecore) was formed on 2008 and already put out so many releases before.This guys is totally alcoholic noise-grind-freak! They has put out many split release including split with PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS, DOSA, SLAUGHTER GRAVE, PISSDEAD, CHAOTIC SOUNDS and many more. In this new split they has produced 28 tracks of noisecore in their style and the total duration in 5 minutes. So make sure you guys is ready to listen to their side! Drink the whiskey and then start to listen to TUCO!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal raw shitty grind/noise) produced 5 tracks with noisy raw grind as usual with total duration 5 minutes for their side.They also has added the distorted bass in this session.This is the first time they made recording session with bass.So if you want to listen how this bastards sounds with the distorted bass, you guys need to have this split tape.
Only 30 copies made. So grab this fast as you can. The cd-r version of this split will be available soon.

Price: MYR7 by hand
by post add MYR3 for the postage (for malaysia delivery only)
*outside from malaysia kindly contact with us for the postage rate. 
*paypal accepted.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello guys!
here is our 2nd interview session. This time we did the interview with DOSA(mal noisecore/grind).
They're came from the very peaceful and 'silence' state in northen part of  malaysia and they're already 10 years existed! This interview was answered by Amir (DOSA+RICE FACTORY ZINE+KROSOT)

1. Hello guys. How are you? Hope you guys doing well. First of all can you guys tell us what are you guys     working on now? Have any new studio recording session? What is the DOSA current release?
Hello, Amir here answering this interview…I’m just fine, so does the other band mates…Maddy is getting bigger in tummy while Matjan is producing another descendent…speaking on our band, there is a talk of doing another new recording, but we didn’t have the exact date yet since all of us are working and staying far far away from each other. The last release is the one that you release, a split tape with Shitnoise Bastards.

2. Can you guys tell us about the DOSA band biography, what is inspired you? What is the reason that DOSA was formed? And why choose to play noise music? And why use DOSA as the name? Who’s the current line up now?
I don’t think it is a good idea to publish the discography here since it will took some space, but you can always check our not-really-updated discography in our social media. The people and our surrounding really inspired us, the happiness, hatred, distortion, disorder, inhumanity, judgmental etc , all will be translated into our own noise.DOSA was formed because at that time all of us are just broke up with our previous band, so we had a meeting for like 1-2 years before we start the DOSA….a very long time for a discussion I must say hahaha ..we choose noisecore because that is what we like to play (and we can play, hahaha, if we are good with our instrument, I think we will be on death metal camp now hahaha).. and yes, we hope we don’t progress with our instrument, we want to remain as what we are today…some people like progression in the playing, but not for us, but don’t ask why.DOSA stand for Death On Systematic Abuse, because we like the idea and it reflect perfectly with our music, stance, belief, politic etc…our line up will always be the three of us.we have been together for more than 10 years as a band…no line up changes, no musical changes…and we hope we can survived for another 10 years….

3. How about the grindcore/fastcore/noisecore scene at your place? Can share other grindcore/fastcore/noisecore bands from your place? What is the happening scene at your place right now?
Not really sure, but I think we are the only noisecore band in Perlis…if there is any noisecore band at Perlis, or any band, please contact us…we like to meet you guys…we don’t have that so called scene in our place…it just a small town where the development is trying to take place…people didn’t eat at home so frequent now…the boys don’t even know how to fix their bicycle….the young girl some didn’t even know how to cook…the old is busy to sell their inherited land because want to spent for the son’s wedding…well, that is their personal choice…who cares right?

4. Is it has shows every week at your place? Is it hard to organize small gig at your place? How about the authority? Is it they always disturb the small gig? And what is your personal view about the authority?
No every week show, not even every months…just last few month we try to organize small jamm session…authority is just fine here, no complaint at this moment… is just a common sense, if you don’t sell drug, they won’t bother to hassle your ass….

5. Do you think the internet usage (email, songs streaming etc.) is not ‘underground’ or d.i.y? what do you guys think about the people who hate the band that use the internet as the contact source?
I don’t give a fuck about what people wanna say…internet is just fine with me…what matters most is what you have done to the scene…mumbling around and bitching about who is d.i.y or not is so damn lame I think…I will just ignore that kind of person….if there is any person hate us for using internet, then I would not have any problem with them…it is their choice to do so…and we will still continue our music and the good thing is, we can make a song about them…hahaha…

6. Can you guys tell us about DOSA s/t promo tape? How the responses and the feedback?
It was our debut release…recorded on our first ever session as DOSA…we are very proud about that was so rehearsal, just blast what is in our mind….the response is overwhelming and we are very thankful for those who help us spreading the tape….you guys rock!

7. What the other activities (distro & label, fanzine maybe) that the DOSA line up doing beside play in the band? If have can you tell us about that.
All of us used to write fanzine years back…but now seem only me still continue the tradition but in different my zine is online, you can check …some of us did play in other band, but I forgot their name…I also have a harsh noise project called Krosot…oh ya, Maddy is selling some stuff during gigs if I’m not mistaken, but not sure if he has a proper distro list…you can always contact him and ask…

8. What do you think about the bands with no lyrics but just only have the song title only (mostly grindcore band)? Is it the lyrics is important to you? Is it with the song title only, the message also can deliver to the listener? And what do you think about the people who think grindcore/noisecore is rubbish? And what is the grindcore means to you?
I have no problem with band that have lyric or not…lyrics somehow can inspired people, especially the good ones….but any fascist lyrics is not tolerable, I must say….if the song title is speak for the whole content of the song, then I think the title also can inspired and deliver the message…noisecore is rubbish? Hahaha who said that? Emm for me, just leave them alone, keep doing more noise and spread the virus…grind core or noisecore means politic…other than that I think they are just sissy….but it is their band, and I don’t give a single fuck anyway…

 9. How many do you guys already played live? Do you think the live shows is important for the band? And why? Do you guys have any of the upcoming shows in this near time?
We only play one show during our existence and we never plan to play any at this moment…live show is important or not I’m not very sure….it is depend on the objective of the band…most of show are actually to support to sell the band’s merchandise…so it will be good if you have any merchandise for sale during the show…people come to show, see you live and buy your merchandise if they like your band…unfortunately no upcoming show…

10.DOSA already made many of split releases including with PARKINSON,TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION,ANAL MASSAKER and others great bands from worldwide. Do you ever expect that DOSA can be well-known as today when you guys started from the beginning? So how do you guys feel about this?
Thanks for those helped to release it…not in our intention to be well known…and we still think not many people in our local scene know the existence of DOSA….our facebook is not even getting more than 100 like I think….very small number for a 10 years band…but we don’t care about that….we just wanna record our song and release it for those who are interested/appreciate…that is it…

11. What is your personal DOSA favorite released so far? Why? What is DOSA upcoming release?
All of our release are the least for us.but personally for me, the best recording for DOSA is the
one that we recorded for our full 7” that never was recorded at the same studio we recorded a split with Parkinson but this one is live studio track recording…the master tape is still well kept in my house…we didn’t plan to re-release it yet at this moment…it have been nearly 9 years since we recorded that songs….upcoming release? Nothing much I can say…but if you need our semi-discography cd and tshirt, please contact Maddy for more info…

12. any last word to the reader?
Thanks to you for this interview…keep up good work…support our scene..keep it alive and kicking…if you wanna contact us, just email me at ….thanks people…


Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Grindgreeting to all!
We're very excited to announce that our new release is officially out now!
The more exciting part,this is split with one of the legendary u.s grindcore/noisecore band CAPTAIN THREE LEG!
C3L started making and produced their stuff since 1995.They already made many of releases(demo,EP,full-lenght,split) including split with ANAL MASSEKER and UNHOLY GRAVE. Andy from C3L also is a MORTVILLE NOISE owner.
On the side A is C3L side.They produced 7 new tracks in the new recording session that happened on Mei 2012.What the interesting for this tracks C3L featuring Food from SOCKEYE(80's punk-rock,tardcore legend from u.s) on vocals. Nothing we can say except this is very awesome session by this legend!This can be concluded as C3L+SOCKEYE experimental  session!
On the side B is SNB side. They produced 10 songs in this split including 1 cover version song from INSECT WARFARE. Their session is still raw-shit -grind as usual.
This split tape was release in pro tape format and released in 200pcs co-operated between
 6 co-labels release:
Since got 6 labels from worldwide there is no reason why you can't grab this split tape.To all grindcore follower, you guys must have this in your collection cause this is very super class session by C3L!
To get this tape kindly contact with the labels.
*check the interview section, we has done the interview with C3L

C3L / SxNxB split on the bandcamp

 For Malaysia & other S.E.A part Order Please Contact With:
 Price: MYR7 by hand
By postage add MYR3 for malaysia delivery only
*Outside from malaysia please contact us first for the shipping cost. 
*paypal accepted for international order. 

Label Contact:  
DIY NOISE(u.s) -
*kindly contact with the nearest label with you for the cheapest postage.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Hello and grindgreeting to all!
We like to announce that our new release is out now. SHITNOISE BASTARDS 2nd demo 'do not let the rip-off bastard live rich & happy,kill the rip-off bastard' has released in cd-r format.
This demo is contained with 10 new songs by this bastards.More fast and brutal this time.By the way this is their 2nd demo since they has release the debut demo on Mei.This new demo is all about the RIP OFF cases that has happened involved the all SNB band members,also have the rip-off warning list and story inside this demo for the information to all friends.This is FDR version cause this demo also will be release soon by the label from u.s.a and brazil in tape and 3'cd-r format.So the FDR version come in d.i.y packaging and come with free SNB patch inside for every purchase.
Price: MYR5 by hand
By post please add MYR3 for the register post delivery(for local only)
For international order please write to us first to confirm the shipping cost.
Buy or Trade(please write to us first) is available.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BONEACHE 'Decomposition & Sickness' E.p tape is out now !!

Hello and grindgreeting to all!
We like to announcing that our new release BONEACHE 'decomposition & sickness' e.p tape is officially out now!BONEACHE is the pathology grind/death/noise from Brazil.they already got many of releases.The frontman of this band Glesio is the person who running OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS label and distro.
The original title for this e.p is Decomposition & Sickness but the band decided to translate the title in malay language and use it as the title for the malaysia release version, so the title is 'Penguraian & Penyakit' is use for this e.p tape. This E.p is contained with 10 songs. Totally straight forward grindcore/death to your face with the pathology theme for sure as known as goregrind.This tape only made for 30 copies only by us.But if you do more like cd's than tapes you guys can contact with the band and ask them for more info cause this e.p already released in cd format before.Highly recommanded for goregrind fans out there.If you fans of CARCASS,IMPETIGO,AUTOPSY and other gore bands you better get this e.p tape fast as you can before they sold out.
No slamming groove or shit trendy metalcore gore inside! 
100% fast and grindcore!

Price: MYR7 by hand
MYR10 by post for local delivery only.
*For outside from malaysia please contact us first to confirm about the shipping cost.
to order or trade contact:

Monday, 3 September 2012


Hello and grindgreeting!
Our new release DEFORMING TORTURE / SHITNOISE BASTARDS 'need no ticket to grindcore' split tape is officially out now! Both bands is from Malaysia.
DEFORMING TORTURE(shah alam grindcore) already got 2 previous released, 'victims of law' demo and 'pacifier' demo.both released in cd-r format.In this new split they produced 5 old-school grindcore songs.With the heavy guitar sounds and the very good growling and screaming by their vocal it gave very powerful and perfect sounds.Deeply influences with the punk/thrash/death riffings! very good work did by this guys for sure!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS as usual gave their total raw-shit-harsh-noise for this split. 10 songs from this bastards including 1 cover version song from DOOM title POLICE BASTARD.
Recommanded to all grindfreak out there.Grab this split tape as fast as you can cause we're just made it only 30 copies in the world.

Price: MYR7 by hand
By post please add MYR3(register post) for local delivery only.
For outside from Malaysia please contact us to confirm the shipping cost.
Payment accept via Maybank Account and Paypal.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

DOSA / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split E.p Tape Is Out Now !

Hello and grindgreeting guys!
Our new release DOSA / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split E.p tape is officialy out now.
We really proud to released another old band from malaysia.
DOSA is from Perlis(northen part of Malaysia) is old noisecore/grind band..they started made the noiseshit since 2002 till today.They also got tonnes of releases(demo/split/e.p) like split with PARKINSON(mal old crust/grind), TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, SLAUGHTERGRAVE(greece), ANAL MASSAKER, YATTAI and many other bands.
In this new split E.p tape, they gave 'All Negative' 5 minutes of the ragging and total noisecore freak straight to rape your ears!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS(malaysia raw grind/noise shit) is the new project band feat band member from DISEKSA,HATRED DIVISION,MAGNITIZDAT, ANAK ROSAK & DISCOVERY DxC. They has released 1 s/t demo and 2 split release with BONEACHE(brazil pathology grindnoise) & JEFFREY DAHMER(indonesia raw grind trio).In this split E.p they gave us 'Disoder' contained 10 songs raw grindcore-harshnoise.Another raw-shit grind session from this bastards.
This split E.p release just in limited 30 copies only in tape format.Not for the elite grindcore high-taste for sure.This is total noisefreak split release.For all noisefreak out there please grab this tape as fast as you can.
Please remember , 30 copies made only. First come First serve.

*trade is welcome, but remember to write and ask us first.

DOSA Official Blogspot