Monday, 10 December 2012

SATAN / GRINDING split cd-r is out now !!

Hello and grindgreeting!
This month is very busy for us because we got many of new releases.
This time we have new split release featuring band from colombia and france.The new split release is between SATAN(fra grindcore/raw blackcrust)/GRINDING(colombia grindcore).
SATAN play grindcore with mixed with a blackcrust. They have put out split release in 7' format before with SETE STAR SEPT, WHORENATION, and 4 way split with  Lt.DAN, VIOLENT GORGE, PIZZA HI-FIVE. In this new split they produced 3 tracks in raw and very dark with crazy blastbeat! Including 2 cover songs from BONE AWL & NON.very chaotic raw blasting by this french side! Mika of SATAN also WITCH BUKKAKE RECORDS owner.
GRINDING colombia based band. they play very heavy grind/metal in this new split. their music style is changing a lot since they has recruited the new line up. But they still gave their best for this split. GRINDING already has released their debut demo and split release with NAUSER(indonesia),BALANO SUCIO(chile).In this new split they produced 3 tracks with heavy riffs! good stuff for sure!
This split is the co-operated reelased by 3 labels FASTDIE RECORDS(mal), GRINDFATHER PRODUCTION(u.k) & WITCH BUKKAKE(france)

Price: MYR5 by hand
*by post MYR8(register post for malaysia order only)
**for international order please contact with us for the postage rate.

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