Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello to all ! 
Here is our interview session with ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS. They from Kulai, Johor(southern part of peninsular Malaysia) and answered by ENOL(vox).

1. Hello guys. How are you? Hope you guys doing well. First of all can you guys tell us what are you guys working on now? Have any new studio recording session? What is the Alchemy Of Sickness current   release?
Hello Hazree, I’m Enol answering the entire question. As for right now, we are planning on recording for our next release which is a 7” EP (hopefully!), split 7” with Violent Gorge (still looking for 2 more label to co-release this stuff) and split CD with World Downfall from Japan. Our recent release is a 4 way split tape with Camphora Monobromata, Maximum Thrash, and Slaugthergrave. And maybe next week I will release split tape with Arroyo if there are free time and enough money.
2. Can you guys tell us about the AOS band biography, what is inspired you? What the reason that AOS was formed? And why choose to play grindcore? Who’s the current line up now?
There is no interesting story behind the formation of Alchemy Of Sickness. It is just 4 teenagers want to play fast and heavy music. Local punk/hardcore/grind always is the main influence for us in the formation of this band and we want to be involved in this colourful scene and to some extent contribute to the scene. We contribute by spreading our music and consistently releasing stuff. I don’t know why we choose Grindcore, at first we just want to play fast music but gradually after some years being together in one band it turns out to what we are today. We are categorizing our music as grind but we don’t mind if other people said that we are not grindcore. As long as we play what we like it doesn’t matter. Our line up is still the same since our formation in 2006, which is Kamen (drum), Wan (guitar), Daus (bass) and me as vocal. Hopefully we will last with this line up till we are tired with grind..hehe..

3. How about the grindcore scene at your place? Can share other grindcore bands from your place? What is the happening scene at your place right now?
Our place? Kulai or Johor Bahru. As for right now there are not many band that play grindcore in JB. I know Damokis and Sickness are still active and other band is like Eyes Popping Out and Tussock (they are getting back together after long time hiatus and release some new stuff). Other than that, I’m not really know what’s going on here. Sorry. There is also some local kids who play Metalcore and actively playing gigs.

4. Do other AOS line up play with other bands or doing label and distro or fanzine? If got please tell us about that.
Yes, our drummer and bassist is playing with a punk rock band called Bacteriostatic do check them out. Me and wan are running a label called Operation Noise which focusing on releasing Alchemy Of Sickness stuff and doing some trade with local and foreign label.

5. Is it has shows every week at your place? Is it hard to organize small gig at your place? How about the authority? Is it they always disturb the small gig? And what is your personal view about the authority?
Ok, actually we have play one gig in Kulai, it is organize by local kids at Jamming Studios. The event is for the closing of the studio because the owner cannot maintain the financial for running the studio. After our set, there are people who come upstairs and complain for the loud noise and gig ended after that and there are still band who didn’t play yet. So, from this event I can say that local people are still having a conservative mind especially older people. But recently there are show organizes by Damokis guy and it is held in shopping complex and all band play in the open with various genres. But we are not really into this shopping mall show and I also heard those bands that want to play must contribute some money for the management process. But I am not sure.

6. Can you guys suggest more bands from your place to everyone here (not grindcore only)? So they can explore more about them.
I do not know a lot of band. I know Bacteriostatic (punk rock), Chandeliers Ablaze (metalcore), Gaban Seven (also metalcore).

7. AOS already made many of releases so far. How is the feedback from your local scene? Do you spread your stuff to u.s and europe? How the responses you get? What do you think about Malaysia grindcore scene?
Feedback from local scene is positive even though we playing like bullshit but there are still people who supporting us. Cheers to you guys. Yes, we do have some trade activities with label from Europe and feedback from them also positive. 

8. What do you think about the bands with no lyrics but just only have the song title only (mostly grindcore band)? Is it the lyrics is important to you? Is it with the song title only the message also can deliver to the listener? And what do you think about the people who think grindcore is rubbish? And what is the grindcore means to you?
Yes, lyrics are important. Especially when you release your stuff, there are some people who really need to know what you guys are screaming and babbling about. Lyrics make the title of the song clear and make sense or not. For me I also check out for lyrics for every stuff that I bought, if there is lyrics, it’s a bonus because you can sing along with them..hehe..Maybe people who think grindcore is rubbish because they are not into this type of music, just let them be that way. I believe that each people have their own perspective in describing and defining thing. To me grindcore is passion not fashion.

9. I has watched AOS live performance about 3 times before, you guys is very tight! You have very energetic voice too. So do you guys planning to make any tour soon? Is it live performance is important for band? And why?
Thank you Hazree, we glad that you like it. We just want to give our best while performing even though in front of us there are only 3 or 4 people only and it is happen before. We always plan for a tour, but money and time always be a problem and barrier that hinder our plan. Hopefully we can do some touring in the future, because touring is so much fun. 

10. Can you give the full AOS discography so far? What is your personal AOS favorite released so far? Why?
"Demo 2006" (Penjahanam Distribution)
"We Know Alchemy We Bring You Grind & Roll" EP - Tape (Broken Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Cannibe - Tape (Bringer of Gore & Re-release by Strain Eyes)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Kepalan Tangan - Cd-R (Selonsong Peluru)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Sugardaddy & Shotgun Justice - Cd-R (?)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Sengaya - Tape (Revulsion & Operation Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Vex - Tape (Strain Eyes)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Proletar - Tape (Disco 346 & Operation Noise)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Grin(d)amage/Rotgut - Tape (Operation Noise & Bebal)
Alchemy Of Sickness/Slaughtergrave/Camphora Monobromata/Maximum Thrash - Tape (Operation Noise)
DIY noize compilation - Pt1 (IGWC records)
Compilation Contribution Part 3(Teriak Rekod)
100 Bands 7" Vol 1 (NHDIYSTREC)
United & Grinding "Underground Grindcore Compilation" (Grind Ambush)
Music Is Our Weapon "compilation" - Tape (Fastdie & Sukma)
We love all our release..haha

11. any last word to the reader?
Keep on doing what like and don’t give a shit to what others said. Grind attitude till dead.

Monday, 10 December 2012

SATAN / GRINDING split cd-r is out now !!

Hello and grindgreeting!
This month is very busy for us because we got many of new releases.
This time we have new split release featuring band from colombia and france.The new split release is between SATAN(fra grindcore/raw blackcrust)/GRINDING(colombia grindcore).
SATAN play grindcore with mixed with a blackcrust. They have put out split release in 7' format before with SETE STAR SEPT, WHORENATION, and 4 way split with  Lt.DAN, VIOLENT GORGE, PIZZA HI-FIVE. In this new split they produced 3 tracks in raw and very dark with crazy blastbeat! Including 2 cover songs from BONE AWL & NON.very chaotic raw blasting by this french side! Mika of SATAN also WITCH BUKKAKE RECORDS owner.
GRINDING colombia based band. they play very heavy grind/metal in this new split. their music style is changing a lot since they has recruited the new line up. But they still gave their best for this split. GRINDING already has released their debut demo and split release with NAUSER(indonesia),BALANO SUCIO(chile).In this new split they produced 3 tracks with heavy riffs! good stuff for sure!
This split is the co-operated reelased by 3 labels FASTDIE RECORDS(mal), GRINDFATHER PRODUCTION(u.k) & WITCH BUKKAKE(france)

Price: MYR5 by hand
*by post MYR8(register post for malaysia order only)
**for international order please contact with us for the postage rate.

Friday, 7 December 2012

TUCO / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split tape is out now !

Hello guys!
Our new release is officially out now!
this new release is split between TUCO/SHITNOISE BASTARDS.
TUCO(italy noisecore) was formed on 2008 and already put out so many releases before.This guys is totally alcoholic noise-grind-freak! They has put out many split release including split with PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS, DOSA, SLAUGHTER GRAVE, PISSDEAD, CHAOTIC SOUNDS and many more. In this new split they has produced 28 tracks of noisecore in their style and the total duration in 5 minutes. So make sure you guys is ready to listen to their side! Drink the whiskey and then start to listen to TUCO!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal raw shitty grind/noise) produced 5 tracks with noisy raw grind as usual with total duration 5 minutes for their side.They also has added the distorted bass in this session.This is the first time they made recording session with bass.So if you want to listen how this bastards sounds with the distorted bass, you guys need to have this split tape.
Only 30 copies made. So grab this fast as you can. The cd-r version of this split will be available soon.

Price: MYR7 by hand
by post add MYR3 for the postage (for malaysia delivery only)
*outside from malaysia kindly contact with us for the postage rate. 
*paypal accepted.