Monday, 25 June 2012


Hello all, our new release SHITNOISE BASTARDS(mal grind/noise) / JEFFREY DAHMER(indonesia raw grind trio) split 'no silence in the outer space' is officially out now.This is cd-r format split release.Both bands is still new and fresh came altogether from S.E.A grindfreaks!SxNxB is a project band feat band member from DISEKSA/HATRED DIVISION(mal raw grind),MAGNITIZDAT(mal grind/metal) & ANAKxROSAK(mal thrashpunk r.i.p).We has released their debut demo cd-r about a month ago.JxD all the way from indonesia plays ragging fast and brutal raw grindcore!They will be out split release with AGx and Archagathus soon on next.
Why you must grab this split cd-r?this split cd-r just release in limited 50 copies only from our version.The cd-r's is in red color and stencil label on the cd's made by  d.i.y hand sprayed with pro cover printed and SNB stencil patch as a free gift.This is our 1st cd-r release in color with stencil art.So grab this split fast as you can before they gone forever.For all raw grind/noise freaks out there this release is highly recommanded! no bullshit, just straight blasting beat to your face!

Price: MYR7 by hand.
         Extra MYR3 for the local postage(register post delivery)
*for outside from malaysia, kindly write to us first for the postage rate.
*for trade kindly write to us first.
*payment can be make by paypal for international worldwide order.