AGATHOCLES(belgium mincecore master since 1985) / DISEKSA(mal crustgrind) split tape will be out soon.release 200pcs pro tape.AGx tracks taken from their sold out 7' released.15 tracks from Agx and 15 tracks from Diseksa(new tracks+remastered songs+old rehearsal/live tracks).

SMG(m'sia raw grind master) / DISEKSA(m'sia crustgrind) split e.p 7' soon to come.Co-releasing together with:
Incursion recs(u.s),BlackTrash recs(autsria),Tombs In The Valley Production(u.k),Douchebag recs(fra) and Pan Del Muerte recs(u.s).

HATRED DIVISION(m'sia raw grind shit) / GYMNASTIC SKULL WHISTLING(m'sia grind/PV) split tape will be out very soon.this split will be release in pro tape format 200pcs.co-label release project between TOMBS IN THE VALLEY PRODUCTION(u.k), BLACKTRASH RECORDS(aut), HYPERION RECORDS(croatia) and FASTDIE RECORDS(mal).

SATAN(fra grind) / GRINDING(colombia grind) split cd-r will be release in near time soon.just waiting for the cover art and layout to finish.co-operate with
witch bukkake recs(fra).

SHITNOISE BASTARDS / THE PATH(u.s old school death/thrash) split tape
'we choose to live, you choose to die' will be out very soon.THE PATH started around early 2000 and they still mosh hard till today.

we will keep up the new and recent updates for your info soon.

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