Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BONEACHE 'Decomposition & Sickness' E.p tape is out now !!

Hello and grindgreeting to all!
We like to announcing that our new release BONEACHE 'decomposition & sickness' e.p tape is officially out now!BONEACHE is the pathology grind/death/noise from Brazil.they already got many of releases.The frontman of this band Glesio is the person who running OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS label and distro.
The original title for this e.p is Decomposition & Sickness but the band decided to translate the title in malay language and use it as the title for the malaysia release version, so the title is 'Penguraian & Penyakit' is use for this e.p tape. This E.p is contained with 10 songs. Totally straight forward grindcore/death to your face with the pathology theme for sure as known as goregrind.This tape only made for 30 copies only by us.But if you do more like cd's than tapes you guys can contact with the band and ask them for more info cause this e.p already released in cd format before.Highly recommanded for goregrind fans out there.If you fans of CARCASS,IMPETIGO,AUTOPSY and other gore bands you better get this e.p tape fast as you can before they sold out.
No slamming groove or shit trendy metalcore gore inside! 
100% fast and grindcore!

Price: MYR7 by hand
MYR10 by post for local delivery only.
*For outside from malaysia please contact us first to confirm about the shipping cost.
to order or trade contact: fastdie08@yahoo.com

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