Tuesday, 12 February 2013

SRAM / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split cd-r is out now !

Hello to all grindfreak!
We want to announce that SRAM / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split cd-r version is officially out now! We make released for the cd-r version and the tape version was released by NEOLITHIC PRODUCTION russia based label and distro.
SRAM is a mince/grind band from russia. This is our first released that featuring band from russia. SRAM is deeply influenced by AGATHOCLES and UNHOLY GRAVE. They still new and fresh, formed in october 2012 and has released the demo on december 2012.They sounds heavy and sometimes brutal with the vox style, and very old school mince/grind sounds they produced. 4 tracks from SRAM in this split including cover song from UNHOLY GRAVE.
SHITNOISE BASTARDS is raw dirty drunk noise-grind from malaysia. nothing can expect from this bastards, just raw and shit as usual. 7 tracks from this bastards in this split and the recording session has done at their all time favorite place FREDDY KRUEGER basement.
This split also has released in special 'lathe cut 5"' look like. just limited 10pcs only, and the rest just in normal cd-r type. So please grab this quickly specially for the 10 pcs 'lathe cut 5''. It will be the best collection for sure.

For buy or trade please contact:

MYR8 for the limited vinyl look like version(no trade)
MYR5 for the normal cd-r type(available for trade)
*By post please add MYR3 for local only
**International order kindly contact us first.

limited to 10pcs only(vinyl look like version)

 normal cd-r type.

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