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Hello guys! This is the 1st interview session for 2013. Sorry if our interview section seems very slow right now, but we will try to improve in time by time. For the 2013 1st interview we has did with GRINCHFINGER(old school grindcore from MACON, GA, u.s.a) and has answered by  Carl & George(both of them also ACID REDUX PRODUCTION owner). so enjoy reading !

1. Hello guys. How are you? Hope you guys doing well. First of all can you guys tell us what are you guys working on now? Have any new studio recording session? What is the Grinchfinger current release?
Carl – Hola Hazree! Things are going well for Grinchfinger right now. In the past month we have been steadily working on new songs for upcoming releases. Our next recording session is with Monolith Studios in Athens, Georgia (USA) later this month (February 2013). Those trax will be used for our very first release on vinyl format! The latest Grinchfinger release is a split pro tape with Obliteração (Brazil) released by Acid Redux Productions in January 2013.

2. Can you guys tell us about the Grinchfinger band biography, what is inspired you to form a grindcore band on that time? What the reason that Grinchfinger was formed? And why choose to play grindcore? Who’s the current line up now?
George - Grinchfinger was formed in Macon, GA in 2007.  My brother Carl and I started the band over our shared love of oldschool grindcore and weed, not to mention that we already had drummer and a guitarist.  We had acquired a lot of music by bands like Disassociate, Rot, Blood, and Cripple Bastards in our travels, and wanted to form a band that captured the spirit of oldschool grind.  I guess we chose to play grindcore because we knew how to do it.  The current lineup is George (guitar/vocals), Carl (drums), and Fern (bass).

3. How about the grindcore scene at your place? Can share other grindcore bands from your place? What is the happening scene at your place right now?
George - The grindcore scene in Georgia is feeble, and we have pitiful support in our hometown.  There are a couple punk bands locally, but little in the way of grindcore.  We mostly travel for shows during the spring and summer, when other bands are on tour.  Carl and I met Gripe at an Anal Cunt show in Athens, GA a couple years ago, and they have been really generous to us since.  Athens probably has the most vibrant scene right now, and hosts the greatest number of grindcore shows.  Atlanta and Savannah also have solid punk scenes, but do not typically cater to underground grindcore bands.  I understand there are a couple of powerviolence groups around Atlanta, but I haven't heard them yet.

4. Do other  Grinchfinger line up is playing with other bands or doing label and distro or fanzine?
George - I started Acid Redux Productions in 2009 to put out Grinchfinger material and get a small distro going.  Carl eventually signed on, so we were able to take on a variety of projects and build up our collection of wares.  We actually talk all the time about starting a fanzine to cover our favorite current bands, but it probably wouldn't be a regular thing if we get it off the ground.  Fern also plays with 1070 Scum, and is booking shows in Cochran, GA.  If for your band wants to come to Central Georgia, let us know!

5. Is it has shows every week at your place? Is it hard to organize small gig at your place? How about the authority? Is it they always disturb the small gig? And what is your personal view about the authority?
George - Our city used to be a musical hub in the southeast region, but in the last 30 years things have slowly dried to a leathery husk.  It is not difficult to organize gigs here, but few people attend, so it is usually more trouble than it is worth.   Thankfully, we have friends that are able to host small, fun gigs every now and again in other locales.  We normally play out of town, and receive a much better response than we would at home.  I am fortunate to have bigger concerns than the police.  I avoid interacting with them, and they don't bother me.  A worst case scenario is that they respond to a noise complaint every now and again, but they are generally pretty harmless and have never shut down our shows.

6. Can you guys suggest more bands from your place to everyone here (not grindcore only)? So they can explore more about them.
George - Some of my local favorites from the past and present are Gripe, Triangle Fire, Hellgoat, Disfigurement, Spewtilator, Don't Open the Door, Leechmilk, and Hallows Eve.  Also check out 1070 Scum, which has ex- and current members of Grinchfinger.  

7. ‘In Tune We Grind’ has released on 2012 and it’s a good tape! I really like it and enjoyed how you guys mixed the old school grindcore sounds structure in the Grinchfinger! So can you guys tell us more about this released. Because I think many people will looking this tape starting from today.
George - 'In Tune' came out after a two year wait.  The Acid Satan MCD was recorded in Fall 2009, and we encountered a lot of obstacles immediately afterward.  Carl moved to California for a couple months, we lost our practice space, and we ultimately rejected a completed studio session in early 2011. Fern had joined the band by that time, though, so we had a little more impetus to keep working on new stuff. 
Most of the songs for 'In Tune' were written between 2009-2011, so there had been a lot of time to work on them. We recorded the entire tape in Fern's shed in Fall/Winter 2011 with heavy jackets and a lot of weed.  We recorded all of the songs more than once, and there are a couple others that never made it to the final tape, so outtakes will be featured on a different release later this year.  Acid Redux ran 100 copies of In Tune With Grind, and Eddie at DIY Noise made a limited run of 50 copies, all of which sold out by the end of 2012.  This release was scattered all across the world, and finally helped us reach more people outside of the United States.

8. What do you think about the bands with no lyrics but just only have the song title only (mostly grindcore band)? Is it the lyrics is important to you? Is it with the song title only the message also can deliver to the listener? And what do you think about the people who think grindcore is rubbish? And what is the grindcore means to you?
George - I don't care if a grind band uses lyrics or not, as long as the music and vocals sound deranged.  Some of my favorite grindcore is devoid of lyrics.  I do think lyrics can be an important vehicle for delivering a message, but I think creative  presentation, record packaging, and song titles can be just as useful for creating an atmosphere as lyrics are. I write lyrics for Grinchfinger primarily to give the vocals a pattern, but I try to work in a cohesive concept or narrative.  At the same time, I hate uncreative lyrics and song titles that parade tired themes like punk politics, police, or racism.  That's super boring, and it can really ruin a band for me. The problem with trying to explain grindcore to the uninitiated is that a lot of it IS rubbish, and its unrealistic to expect most people to enjoy noise in their face.  I notice that heshed-out grinders tend to have a depth of knowledge about conventional genres, while those that stick to conventional music tend to have only cursory knowledge of even their preferred genres, let alone grindcore.  So I do think grind fans are more inquisitive by nature.  To me, grindcore means blastbeats and rage, and I'll leave it at that.

9. After I listened to Grinchfinger, I can hear you guys deeply influenced by ROT and AGATHOCLES, but I also can hear influences from the Indonesian grindcore band such as PROLETAR, EXTREME DECAY, TERSANJUNG 13. Do you guys listen to any grindcore bands from South East Asia? And what is the grindcore bands from SEA that you guys know a lot? ( no need to mention UNHOLY GRAVE because everyone know them)
George – Yeah, I'm really into Proletar and Mass Separation.  I'm not familiar with many of newer bands, but I have enjoyed stuff I heard from Rotting Rex and Rotgut.  Does Damage Digital count?  I think their vocalist is Malaysian. Obviously I like a lot of older Japanese stuff, too- 324, Multiplex, Gate, etc.- but I'm really not aware of new stuff coming from there either.  I'd say the new songs we have yet to record are more influenced by Asian grindcore than the older material.

Carl – I have recently delved into more SEA grind/death metal. The scene there seems very strong and supportive of raw grind bands! Current favorites are Proletar, CTK, Rottingrex, Bangsat, Analdicktion, and Deathevoker. I also love many Japanese bands like Senseless Apocalypse, Real Reggae, Carcass Grinder, Final Exit, World Downfall, etc.

10. What is the next and upcoming from Grinchfinger? I also noticed that you guys will doing the split 7’ with Malaysia grindcore band COMPULSION TO KILL. This will be awesome!
Carl – We are very excited for the split 7” coming out soon with CTK! Many international labels are helping with the release so it should be easy to find for anyone who wants to get their hands on it.  We also have a split tape planned with Lt. Dan (USA) later this year. Lookout for more noise soon!

11. Any last word to the reader?
George – Write to us!  Grinchfinger/167 Holmes Avenue/Macon, GA 31204/USA or

Carl – Cheers to FastDie Records for the interview and the support of all international grindcore fanatics!


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