Thursday, 9 August 2012

DOSA / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split E.p Tape Is Out Now !

Hello and grindgreeting guys!
Our new release DOSA / SHITNOISE BASTARDS split E.p tape is officialy out now.
We really proud to released another old band from malaysia.
DOSA is from Perlis(northen part of Malaysia) is old noisecore/grind band..they started made the noiseshit since 2002 till today.They also got tonnes of releases(demo/split/e.p) like split with PARKINSON(mal old crust/grind), TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, SLAUGHTERGRAVE(greece), ANAL MASSAKER, YATTAI and many other bands.
In this new split E.p tape, they gave 'All Negative' 5 minutes of the ragging and total noisecore freak straight to rape your ears!
SHITNOISE BASTARDS(malaysia raw grind/noise shit) is the new project band feat band member from DISEKSA,HATRED DIVISION,MAGNITIZDAT, ANAK ROSAK & DISCOVERY DxC. They has released 1 s/t demo and 2 split release with BONEACHE(brazil pathology grindnoise) & JEFFREY DAHMER(indonesia raw grind trio).In this split E.p they gave us 'Disoder' contained 10 songs raw grindcore-harshnoise.Another raw-shit grind session from this bastards.
This split E.p release just in limited 30 copies only in tape format.Not for the elite grindcore high-taste for sure.This is total noisefreak split release.For all noisefreak out there please grab this tape as fast as you can.
Please remember , 30 copies made only. First come First serve.

*trade is welcome, but remember to write and ask us first.

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